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Tree Care

After you receive the tree in the mail.

After receiving the tree, please remove the plastic bag and water the tree well. Please leave the tree in the same pot. If there is any loose dirt, please add it back to the pot. Let the tree sit in a sunny location outdoors for 2 weeks, so the tree gets used to your climate. After 2 weeks, you can either plant it in ground or in a bigger pot. If you are planting in a bigger pot, please use Miracle Grow potting mix from Lowe's or Home Depot. If you are planting in the ground, please dig a hole twice the size of the pot, remove the dirt from the ground, and replace it with Miracle Grow potting mix; it will help develop new roots. Water the tree whenever the dirt looks dry.

Note: Please do not use any fertilizer for one year; this tree has been given enough fertilizer for one year; extra fertilizer will burn the roots of the tree.

How to re-pot trees in a bigger pot or in the ground.

Please get a pot with a good drainage on the bottom. It should have multiple holes for excess water to drain. If your pot does not have enough holes please drill some more. It is also important to pick the right size of pot and dirt. The trees we ship come with 1-gallon pots.  The proper pot size would be 5 to 7 gallons. You should not plant it in a bigger pot at this stage because it takes time for the trees to develop roots and the bigger the pot, the more dirt and water we need. Potted trees are different than the ones in the ground. The ground absorbs water and minerals much better, whereas in pots they sit on the bottom of the pot. Since our trees don’t have long roots yet, they cannot absorb much water and the roots will get soggy which is not good for the trees. If you are planning to keep your tree in a pot you should increase the pot size gradually after every year or 2. You should put it in a bigger pot.  If you are planting in the ground, it does not matter because the extra water and minerals will go deep in the ground.


How to pick the right dirt or soil.

It is always a good idea to plant your trees in a good quality soil. It will help your trees to get a good, healthy start. We recommend the Miracle Grow potting mix either from Lowe’s or Home Depot. The potting mix is different than the garden soil, Potting soil is light weight and lets the water drain nicely. If you are planting the tree in the ground it is still a good idea to use potting mix around the roots, which will help your tree to develop new roots quickly and down the rood, your tree will be strong enough to penetrate the roots in regular dirt.

How to pick a proper location to plant your tree.

All fruit trees love sun. Always pick up sunny location where you get at least four hours of sun every day. Plant your fruit tress away from shady trees. In colder areas, plant next to a wall which will provide protection from cold and freeze because walls absorb heat during the day. Pick a location where water drains quickly. Plant it away from your regular landscaping trees because landscapers use pesticides and herbicides. Also, away from your regular sprinkler system that would over water your plants.

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